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Freude Wasserstrahlschneiden

The workpiece is placed on a cutting grid, where it is cut by a high-pressure waterjet (up to 4,000 bars). Depending on the material, this involves either water on its own or water with abrasive sand.

The required contour – previously imported into the controls from a CAD file – is then traced by the cutting head, and the piece is cut to size, as required.

As we have two cutters, we can choose between 2D and 2.5D cutting. With 2.5D, the cutting edge is parallel and has only minor tolerances. For the customer, this has the benefit that a workpiece requires no reworking at the edges.


  • Cold cutting process, no thermal stress or hardening of the workpiece
  • Can cut nearly all materials
  • Cutting thicknesses between 0.1 and 200 mm
  • Good cutting accuracy, so that often no further treatment is needed
  • Minimal radiuses and ridges can be cut
  • Optimum utilisation of starting material
  • Refined surfaces remain intact

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